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Aquatics Happenings!

We offer group swimming lessons along with private lessons and swim team. Our registration for group/private and semi-private swim lessons is open. Once your child is evaluated by one of our instructors on their swim level he/she will be placed in the appropriate group swim class. We work to try and accommodate your schedule as we have many different days and times to choose from. There are three different levels for ages 3 and up. We prepare your child for play swim through competitive swim. Whatever you are looking for we have the coaches for you and your family! Please call or e-mail Heather Simmons to get your child started today at 615-764-3984 or If you are currently in our swim program Heather will work directly with you on progression of your child into the next level. Happy Swimming!

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Jumpstart your Nutrition!

Your Prairie Life Fitness membership includes a Jumpstart session with our very own Registered Dietician, Kyle Smithson. Get personalized advice based on an assessment of your nutritional needs. Book your Jumpstart today!

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Coed Dance Classes!

Introducing Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Tumbling/Flexibility for all ages preschool to youth!! What a fun, fantastic way to stay fit! Classes starting the second week of August and culminating in a Dance recital. We will be giving our members their first class complimentary! MaKenzi has her degree in Dance Education from Arizona State University and is excited about bringing dance to Prairie Life Fitness.

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Prairie Life Open House

Wednesday, November 29 Come join us for the Prairie Life Fitness Open House. A day full of activities, food and FUN! From a 9:30am Kick off Muscle Max Class to Wine Down Wednesday at 5:00pm. We will also have Door prizes ending in a 1 year FREE membership. See you then!!

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Want to view your current bill/check-ins online?

Prairie Life Fitness is excited to announce an enhancement to our monthly billing system. Your monthly billing will be sent to a secure website that is linked to our new Member Self Service portal. From this portal, you will be able to view your monthly statement and a history of club usage, along with other features as well. Ask membership services for access instructions.

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PLF Swim Lessons!

Offered in both group and private settings, our swim lessons are designed to help the swimmer learn to be more comfortable and confident in the water while allowing him or her to advance at a pace that is designed to meet their needs. Stop by our office or email us for more information!

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Managers Corner

The Down-Low on Diabetes

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The Down-Low on Diabetes

Most everyone knows having Type 2 diabetes means your body can’t use insulin properly and results in excess blood sugar.

What those us who without diabetes don’t realize is that it can wreak havoc on your health.

High blood sugar wreaks havoc on your body in the following ways:

• Diabetes causes heart disease as glucose builds up in the blood vessels.
• High blood sugar causes nerve damage in your feet and legs. Rare cases can cause damage in the arms, abdomen and back.
• Vision loss is a common condition among Type 2 diabetes sufferers.
• Diabetes often leads to kidney disease.
• It can also cause sexual problems.
• Type 2 diabetes doubles the chance of Stroke.

Diet and exercise can help manage diabetes and avoid these avoidable health issues. While lifestyle changes are important parts of keeping under control, most patients require oral medications or insulin injections for treatment, too.

Chronic Inflammation and Diabetes – Say What?

Another thing most of us know, chronic inflammation within our tissues has an adverse effect on our health in thousands of adverse ways. Recently a group of researchers from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine has found that chronic inflammation could be the missing link between obesity and diabetes. Inflamed tissues secrete exosomes that carry microRNA, which has been found to cause insulin resistance in mice and during an in vitro study when human liver and fat cells were treated with "obese" exosomes.

"This is a key mechanism of how diabetes works," said Olefsky of University of California San Diego School of Medicine. "If we can find out which of the microRNAs in those exosomes cause the phenotype of diabetes, we can find drug targets."

Determining which miRNAs to target will require more research. However, the team has already found one suspect: microRNA-155, which inhibits a well-known metabolic protein called PPAR. The researchers note that effective anti-diabetic drugs that target this protein do exist but they trigger side effects deemed unacceptable in clinical practice.

"Still, there are a number of microRNAs that we hope will lead to new, highly druggable targets resulting in new insulin-sensitizing therapeutics," said Olefsky. "We can obtain exosomes from blood -- known as a liquid biopsy -- to sequence all of these microRNAs."

By sequencing exosomes, researchers can obtain genetic signatures that could lead to biomarkers for this disease, similar to how liquid biopsies are used to find drugs that will be effective in cancer treatment. Olfesky hopes that biomarkers for diabetes will one day be used to determine if a person is at high risk of diabetes in the next year or never. Biomarkers may also predict which patients will respond to specific therapies.

"This could go beyond insulin resistance," said Olefsky. "Exosomes could be causing other complications of obesity that may not be related to metabolism."

Anti-Inflammatory Diets Fight Diabetes, Pain & More

Inflammation is the immune system’s way of protecting our body by bringing white blood cells to the area of concern via increased blood flow. The increased attention to the affected area might also bring swelling, redness, heat, and pain or discomfort. Perhaps you’ve probably seen this immune system response in action, as a cut or scrape becomes hot and puffy around the wound while the extra blood is running to the wounded area.

When the immune system begins to overreach and attacks healthy body tissues, an autoimmune disorder begins and causes inflammation in otherwise healthy areas of the body. Arthritis and fibromyalgia symptoms, as well as celiac and irritable bowel disease (IBD) all stem from autoimmune disorders. For diseases that aren’t autoimmune, inflammation can still play a part as the body continuously tries to heal the tissues in a given area. Asthma creates inflamed airways; inflammation related to diabetes affects insulin resistance, etc.

Anti-inflammatory diets, aka healing diets, can help us manage inflammation within our tissues. This begins with a menu high in vegetables, fruits, wild meats and sprouted seeds rich with omega-3 benefits. The evidence is clear that such anti-inflammatory foods can regulate our immune systems and help fight many health ailments.

Get Out of Your Seat

Evidence suggests chronic sitting is an independent risk factor for insulin resistance and an early death. Even if you exercise regularly, eat right and are very fit, even a professional level athlete, sitting each day is detrimental. To be specific, research has shown that sitting for more than eight hours a day raises your risk for Type 2 diabetes by 90%. There is a reason standing desks are so popular!

While working out and jarring fitness routines can put your joints at risk for inflammation the risk of inactivity is too great. Educate yourself by working out safely. Wear proper shoes and workout gear. Ask personal trainers and fitness instructors at Prairie Life Fitness about high-intensity training. These workouts effectively stimulate muscles to release anti-inflammatory myokines, which increases glucose use inside muscles and insulin sensitivity.

Also, walk more often. Start by taking the furthest parking spot. It is one small step you can take toward battling diabetes, among many other deadly diseases.


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Club News


Soles4Souls Shoe Drive all November!

Prairie Life Fitness Cool Springs is proud to host a shoe drive for Soles4Souls throughout November. 

Bring your gently used shoes to Prairie Life Fitness and put them in of the collection boxes set up in our lobby.

The shoes that Prairie Life Fitness collects will be repurposed by Soles4Souls, a non-profit social enterprise based in Nashville that creates sustainable jobs and provides relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world. 

Email our Youth Activities Director, Ebony, for more information at

Vendor Fair
November 13: 9:00-5:00 pm

We’re holding a Vendor Fair on November 13th, just in time to get a head start on your Holiday shopping! With great gift ideas from cosmetics to essential oils, t-shirts to fresh juice, natural snack bars to nutrition supplements, you’re sure to find something for everyone. We’re excited to support our local small businesses.

Stop by on November 13th to show your support. Email our Member Experience Manager, Tambi, for more information at

Enhancing Life Breathing Seminar
November 18th
Two sessions: 9:00 am & 6:00 pm

Prairie Life Fitness is proud to bring Lucy Hendricks and Dave Wilton of Enhancing Life to present their powerful restorative breathing seminar!

Has it ever occurred to you that the un-exhaled air stuck in your lungs may be the reason your hamstrings feel tight, or why you can’t touch your toes or the reason you can’t garden for hours without tweaking your back? The primary focus of this workshop will be on breathing and changing the way you position your body. You’ll learn essential activities that you can easily incorporate into your training and everyday life. If you believe the way you breathe won’t hinder your ability to freely move, you’ve been lied to. Your lungs and breathing muscles pump over 20,000 times a day! Any movement performed that many times will have an influence on body mechanics.

We’ve learned throughout the years that the body will compensate in some crazy ways. It will create tightness in places for a reason! It will give you illusions making you think some areas are tight and other areas are weak when in reality, a muscle that feels tight might be super weak and long.

During this workshop, we’ll bust myths and misconception about breathing and posture. You’ll gain a new appreciation on human movement and body mechanics. You’ll learn the proper way to breathe, and what it requires to take a true diaphragmatic breath!

This highly personalized class is excellent for you if:
- You want to learn how to control your nervous system
- You want to digest your food better
- You want to sleep more deeply
- You want to balance your immune system
- You want to learn how to restore your posture

This is the same content that Lucy has presented at PaleoFX and NorCal Fitness Summit, as well as other top fitness and health facilities. Members can get this hour-long, life-changing workshop for only $25 per attendee. Non-members are welcome, as well, for the day-member rate of $40. Email our Fitness Director, Sonia, at for more information or register here.

Nutrition Seminar: Balancing Nutrition for Happier Holidays
November 16: 6:00 pm

Don’t wait until January 1st to get started on your transformational resolution. You can still enjoy the Holiday season without the typical weight gain. Through increased nutritional awareness, you can have your pie and eat it, too! Join us for a fun workshop led by our registered dietician, Kyle Smithson, to learn more about nutrition and leave with “9 Tips for Staying Healthy on Thanksgiving Day. Contact our Fitness Director, Sonia, at for more information.  


Manager's Corner


Happy Thanksgiving

As the year winds to a close, we are especially grateful for family, friends and good health. Prairie Life Fitness is grateful for each of every one of our members and your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for spending time with us throughout the year. We are thankful for YOU!

Don’t let the holiday throw you off your game. Sign up for our 12 Days of Fitness starting in December and remember to schedule your workouts around your holiday events. Watch for signups and information throughout the club.

With Our Gratitude,


Donovan Manley, General Manager

PS. Remember to take your workout on the go with the PerFit App! Download it today on the App Store.


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