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September Specials

Prairie Life Fitness is offering one great deal when you join Prairie Life now! Our $99 promotion applies to monthly usage fees for the rest of 2017! Join today and for only $99.00 you are paid for September, October, November and December! Contact our Membership Services office for more information.

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Nebraska FITT- Finding Inner Therapy & Tranquility

September is the month of Suicide Prevention! These T-shirts will be donating to the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention with every shirt sold, $2.50 will be donated! Each shirt is $14 a shirt! If you would like to purchase one of the shirts put down your name and email/phone number so I can send you the order link! When placing an order be sure to put a (PLF) near your name or in the organization box that way I know to bring that shirt here! Thank you to all that donate by purchasing a shirt and donating to an amazing cause! Our Very Own, Alison Walla's story: I am only one of the many that have been victimized by the mental illness that takes our loved ones away. Some of you may have known Rick Walla, a past member of Prairie Life who had also been my father. This horrible mental illness had taken his life a little over a year ago and since then I had started making T-shirts in order to raise money for Suicide Awareness. This shirt will be the second in the making and hopefully will reach out to people even more than last year’s that raised $300. Finding your inner therapy is so important these days but also seeking help is as well. Finding your tranquility in life is also important in that we need to find peace within our lives to live happily. Lives are worth more than 1,000 memories, adventures and milestones. Help someone reach all of those by purchasing a shirt and donating to the cause today! Use this link for the order form or put your name and email/phone number at the Front Desk, for me to send you the URL! Or email me at Order Form URL:

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Managers Corner

Not Just Another Pretty Fitness App

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Not Just Another Pretty Fitness App 

Are you like thousands upon thousands of other women who create fitness boards on Pinterest only to never refer back to them again? Or, are you one of the well-meaning subscribers to a men or women’s fitness magazine that collect dust in the corner before hitting the recycle bin? C’mon, you can admit it; we all do the same crazy things. As Ferris Beuller predicted, life is moving pretty fast and if we don’t change with it, we’re going to miss our workouts!

Enter PerFit. Designed and powered by Prairie Life Fitness, THIS is your app! As one of the nation’s leading upscale health and fitness clubs, our preference is to see you IRL (in real life.) We understand that today’s culture is chaotic and overloaded schedules often push fitness priorities to the side or to the bottom of the pile. We created PerFit to help you stay on track regardless what train comes speeding toward you.

Workout When & Where It’s Convenient for You

We work hard to accommodate all schedules with our club hours, but we also know that sometimes you just need a great workout at home. We see you; in the sweatpants your kids have been wiping their Cheeto-stained fingers on all night long. Yes, we’ve been there and we applaud your will to not count chasing after the kiddos as cardio or picking up their toys as weight lifting. Good for you for not letting yourself off the hook for mowing the lawn and driving your kids to their sports. Get training tips, fitness videos, workout ideas and more delivered directly to your device of choice at hotel rooms and wherever your busy schedule takes you with PerFit.

Don’t forget - many PerFit subscribers use the workouts in the gym, too. Our world-class trainers are at your service but when they’re not available or if you prefer to workout on your own, PerFit is there for you.

Get the best workout and stay fit, even on the go! PerFit delivers all of that and more.

Visit for more information or download the app today on the APP Store or at Google Play. Let’s go!

Find Your PerFit  

PerFit ($0.99) At this introductory level you pick from a choice group of workouts, developed by our Prairie Life Fitness certified personal trainers. Each workout includes step-by-step instructions with high quality video and audio, so using advanced equipment or learning new exercises is made simple. Choose workouts based upon the equipment available to you and get moving without the limitations of time or place.

PerFit Plus ($4.99) With an in-app upgrade, you can advance to PerFit Plus. You’ll complete your profile where you’ll share your current fitness condition and your fitness goals. From there, PerFit Plus will take your data and build your personal workout plan. If your goals or preferences change you can update your profile anytime. You can also swap out an exercise if you have an injury that makes a certain exercise too hard. Or if there is an exercise you simply do not like, PerFit will provide a comparable exercise, based on your fitness goals.

PerFit Pro (Ask a personal trainer today for more information on how to get custom workouts sent directly to your device.) 

PerFit Pro is here to take your fitness to the next level. We will match you with a Prairie Life Fitness certified personal trainer who will help you exceed your fitness goals. Your personal trainer creates custom tailored workouts and continued interaction via the PerFit app. This one-on-one interaction will help you achieve results you never thought possible. Your personal trainer will build and schedule your workouts, which are automatically added to your phone’s calendar.

Each exercise features step-by-step instructions with audio, video and visual instruction, which makes working out intuitive and simple. With it, you can have your personal trainer with you at all times and work out when and where it’s most convenient for you.



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Club News



Club News

We are kicking off Fall with Membership Specials, our Last Splash and Member Appreciation Days!

September Specials
Prairie Life Fitness is offering one great deal when you join Prairie Life now! Our $99 promotion applies to monthly usage fees for the rest of 2017!

Join today and for only $99.00 you are paid for September, October, November and December! 

For more information, contact

Last Splash
September 7: 4-8 PM

Although we are sad to see Summer go, we will be kicking off Fall with one last Summer celebration! Join us for our Last Splash on September 7, 2017 from 4:00-8:00PM!

We will have Group Fitness Classes, A Demo on How to Make Your Own Healthy Post- Workout Snacks, Nutritional Recipes and of course Swimming in the Outdoor Pool! Bring a Guest to enjoy some Fun in the Sun, one last time!

All Guests are FREE and so are the Snacks and Drinks! 

Member Appreciation Day
September 20

Already a member? Well, we want to show our appreciation with Member Appreciation Day! We will be hosting Member Appreciation Day on the third Wednesday of every month to show YOU our members how much you mean to our Club!

On September 20, 2017 we will be offering Beer Tasting of various Beer's from Lazlo's Brewery for you to sample and if you love it, buy it! This special event will be starting at 4:00PM and Lazlo's will be here until 7:00PM!

Bring a guest to enjoy the fun for FREE! 

Member Spotlight: Daniel Silva

Daniel was born and raised in Southern California and he spent most of his youth being active outdoors. As Daniel got older and started a family, life got busy and his fitness needs were placed on the back burner. Daniel moved from California to Wyoming and then ended up here in Lincoln, Nebraska. Daniel has been employed by BNSF Railroad for 41 years and plans on retiring this September, but he has a goal before retirement to get healthy and fit so he can enjoy the next exciting chapter of his life! When he isn’t working or working out at the club, he enjoys hunting, hiking, gardening and camping.

Daniel joined Prairie Life Fitness because he thought it would be a great stress reliever for him, while that is still true, Daniel began to lose weight and feel healthy again. He developed friendships along the way and discovered the health benefits to swimming, spinning and bicycling. Working towards his goals, Daniel would like to continue to lose weight and pick up jogging (something his wife, Valerie, enjoys too) so he can attempt to compete and complete a Triathlon!

Daniel’s favorite part about being a member here at Prairie Life Fitness, is our welcoming staff.     

“When you walk in the front door you will always get a warm friendly greeting from the staff.” Daniel has said our staff can make a difference in his workouts, the greeting from our front desk can immediately take his mind off a stressful day. The professionalism of the staff and our trainers is known to Daniel as the most creatable cultures at Prairie Life.

Daniels advice to others, “Have a goal” – the most important thing about a goal, is to have one.


Manager's Corner


Tackle Fitness Goals 

We’ve got fitness spirit, yes we do! We’ve got fitness spirit, how ’bout you? Great coaches often tell their teams to practice winning everyday. We echo that sentiment by encouraging our members to doing their best each day. Even when that means you don’t make it into the club to see us.

The PerFit Personal Trainer APP is one more way for you to stay at the top of your game, no matter what life throw at you. Work out when and where it is convenient for you. Find out the “deets” in the newsletter and go to Google Play or the App Store to download today. Custom on the go workouts are just a few clicks away!

You know what would be fun? To mix up your routine and try some new classes when our New Fall Class Schedules are released. Your muscles, weight and heart will love you for it. Our broad selection of group fitness, cycling, yoga and Pilates classes and more, coupled with personal training options is designed to keep your fitness fun.

Looking forward to a great month,

Elly Reedy, General Manager

PS. Remember to take your workout on the go with the PerFit App! Download it today on the APP Store or on Google Play.

Perfit exercise of the month


Start Fall Strong with a PerFit Workout!
Click above to see a video of our exercise of the month and click below to download PerFit, available on iPhone!




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