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BY POPULAR DEMAND, WE ARE HOSTING ONE MORE MINI SWIM CAMP-#4 JULY 31-AUG 3. The camp will run 4 consecutive days focusing on skill advancement, endurance and getting to the next level! Did I mention FUN FUN FUN! 45 min lessons=more instruction! Sign up here online. Click youth class registration on left hand side of home page and registration will pop up! Call Nina Thomas @913-764-5444 or See you in the water!

S.P.A.C.E. is back and better than ever at PLF!

SPACE is hitting the field and courts again. S.P.A.C.E takes our youngest athletes and catapults them by teaching what is needed to succeed in today's competitive sports scene. SPACE stands for Speed, Performance, Agility, Conditioning and Endurance...all strengths of a winning athlete. Athletes need GOOD FEET TO COMPETE and this will help them achieve results and be quick and smart in all sports! Taught by trainers, this one hour class is offered through out the summer for an incredible price. Sign up early! These will fill up and there is a maximum number of kids allowed in each class. This allows more one-on-one attention and quick progression. Join in on the fun for the whole summer or sign up for specific weeks! $75 for members. $100 for non-members. Enrolled in PLF summer camp???? S.P.A.C.E is available to your camper for only $50!

For more information, contact

Private Swim and Aquatic Personal Training

PRIVATE SWIM FOR ALL AGES! Aquatics is a lifetime sport. Whether swimming for cardio, cross training or just plain fun, the aquatic experience is proven to increase stamina, have less impact and improve overall fitness. Prairie Life offers Private Swim lessons with Red Cross Certified instructors. Lessons are 30 minutes in length at a time that works for you. Aquatic personal training sessions are available with a certified Aquatics trainer for individual or group fitness. For more details contact Nina Thomas @ 913-764-5444 or


Is the thought of planning your child's birthday party too much to handle in the hustle and bustle of raising a family? Let our seasoned staff at PLF organize and run the whole party for you. No longer do you need to clean your castle before and after, we do all the work. Each two-hour party consists of gym activities, private room and SWIMMING! Custom parties are available to fit the desires of any child and parent. Contact Mary Rauter at 913-764-5444 for further details.

For more information, contact

SUMMER SCHEDULE IS OUT. * Registration Open*

Want to know what your kids will be doing this summer during our camps? Check out the attached information to start planning your registrations! Rekgistration will open the week of February 6th, 2017 Camp is available for all school age children, 9am-4pm. Don't worry, we offer Little Kid Camp, ages 3-6 during 6 weeks of summer. These camps run M-W-F and are from 8:30-11:30am. Swimming included with each and every day your kids attend. For a full description and pricing of camps, please click on the attachment below. Have more questions??? Call Mary Rauter at 913-764-5444

For more information, contact


Pool Schedule is on line....see attached!!


Our 2017 summer swim program was a huge success! Kids advanced in their stroke skills and safety awareness. Lets keep them moving forward! ONLINE ONLY REGISTRATION runs August 14-Sept 1. The 8 week session offers Tues and/or Thurs pm with 3 time slots available: 4:30, 5:10, 5:50. Tuesday AM lessons for Parent/Child and levels 1&2 offered for homeschoolers and preschoolers. Our fall session fills up fast! Grab a flyer in the lobby and be ready to reserve your spot on August 21. Private lessons available at a time that works best for you to fill the gap and keep the kids practicing their skills. Call Nina Thomas @913-764-5444 or email See you in the water!!

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Beat the Heat



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Beat the Heat

Here it is – the heart of summertime and livin’ is easy! Summer activities are roaring and your hours toward increased energy and an improved fitness level pays off when you need it most. Even more than the cold, the heat takes it toll when we don’t take care of ourselves. Regardless your motivation for working out; be it to lose (or maintain) weight, bulk up or improve your health, overall fitness cares for you in unexpected ways. Enjoy this summer with SPF – Strength Protection Factor 100!

Time for Fun in the Sun

Think sunscreen is for the pool only? Think again! Tell you what, we like you all so much, we’ve done some of the thinking for you. Enjoy any of the items on the list below? Then you need sunscreen. Protect yourself, friends and family safe by keeping plenty of bottles of your preferred sunscreen on hand this summer.

Swimming, slip n‘ slides and backyard water balloon fights – Sunscreen on = game on. Smart sun-goers, 1. Golden orb of cancer rays, 2.  Take that!

Hiking – Yes, there’s sun in the mountains. You’re actually closer to it. No, we’re not speaking from “Oh my goodness, I am so sunburned!” experience.

Camping – And, don’t forget the bug spray!

Golfing – Don’t forget your ears and the back of your neck. Guys, the top of your heads!

Fishing – Let the stories be about the size of the fish, not the color of your skin.

Water Sports – skiing, kayaking, boating – Oh, the places we‘ll go and how much more fun it will with fully protected skin!

Summer Sports – baseball, running, biking, tennis, soccer, etc. – No better way to spend a beautiful day outdoors than to be active. Points are deducted for not remembering your sunscreen!

Gardening and yard work – Unless you are lucky enough to get it everything done in less than one hour and smart enough to do it early in the morning or in the evening, spray on some SPF to be safe!

Road trips, traveling, vacay and amusement parks – Pack your own sunscreen to save money and stay safe. We can’t be the only ones who have ever paid $8 for a trial-size sunscreen in a pinch.

A day at the zoo? You know what to do! Slather it on and take it with you.

Barbecues, picnics and, last but not least, 4th of July celebrations – Leave the sizzling to the fireworks and the grill-masters, not your skin. Before you order your hotdogs and hamburgers, treat yourself to some sunscreen. Boom!


The Best Laid Plans

Even with stringent caution, sunburns happen. Our skin sustains the most damage before we turn eighteen-years old. However, sun damage occurs throughout our lifetime and it is essential to practice diligent sun safety. As we discussed last month, men over 50 are at the highest risk of developing skin cancer. This may come as a surprise to some of you. Many might assume that sunbathing beauties might run the highest risk but it turns out that unprotected skin, exposed to the sun in the course of everyday activities, life, and work has led an unexpected demographic to a generation of skin cancer. As with any cancer, preventive measures and early detection is key.

Skin cancer is caused by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun and tanning beds. Over exposure to the sun can also cause sunburn, premature wrinkles and eye damage.

Try these tips to stay sun-safe:

When you’re in the sun, wear clothing and a wide-brimmed hat to protect as much skin as possible. Protect eyes with sunglasses that block UV light.

Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen of sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher, and reapply at least every 2 hours. Also, reapply after swimming or sweating.

Limit direct exposure to the sun, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when UV rays are strongest. Seek shade when you’re out during these hours.

Tanning beds and sunlamps are so retro. The 70s and 80s were arguably awesome but these skin cancer-causing inventions needed to stay in the past and stop inflicting long-term skin damage to their users. Please, use with care.


Sunshine + Sunscreen + Water + Shade = A Happy Summertime

Sunburn is not the only damage the sun can cause. Sun poisoning, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke are all effects of too much sun. Drinking water and staying hydrated while participating in outdoor activities or spending substantial time in the heat is the best way to prevent these conditions. Cool baths and showers are the best way to stop heat exhaustion from progressing to heat stroke.

Practice smart sun fun and enjoy a safe, sunburn-free summer!


Club News


Member Spotlight: Rik Evans 

"In early December I visited Prairie Life at the urging of my cardiologist & primary physician. They both had been on me to take control of my life and make necessary lifestyle changes to get my weight & blood pressure issues under control. They said it was unlikely I would ever do it on my own since I hadn't done so in 55 years - and they were probably right!  So, off to the gym I went. Upon my arrival, I was introduced to Desiree.  From the minute we met, I could tell she was going to take the time necessary to really understand what I was seeking in a trainer. Over the next hour, Desiree asked lots of good questions and started to formulate a plan for us. On December 12th, we put that plan in motion.

"In a short 4 weeks, I have lost over 13 lbs and 4% body fat.  My blood pressure is WAY down, my quality of sleep is so much better, and I have been taken off of 2 medications!! I eat healthy and never feel like I'm starving myself.  In addition, I have experienced an overall sense of sharpness and well-being that I haven't felt in years.

"I must confess, I thought this was going to be a dreadful grind that I would soon get tired of - that couldn't be farther from the truth!  I soon realized that Desiree wasn't some "Drill Sargent" that was looking to beat me into submission and exhaustion but rather an "accountability partner" to help me reach my goals and create a lifestyle worth living for.

"I am looking forward to our next 60 days together and continuing our good work towards a long & healthy future!

Thanks Desiree for all you do!!!"

- Rik Evans

Manager's Corner


We’re off to the races and summer is coming in hot! 4th of July celebrations are coming soon and before we know it, poof - summer will be sunsetting. Until then, who’s ready to flex their muscles and enjoy some fun in the sun?

Sun safety is a topic we take time to discuss every July. While talking about skin cancer and sunscreen isn’t as sexy as fireworks, we are committed to your overall health. Speaking of which, going into the summer months with increased endurance and a high energy level helps combat the strain and drain of hot, humid weather. And you thought you were working out to look good in shorts! Fitness fuels us in unexpected ways. If we keep giving to it, fitness keeps giving back.

Going on vacay? Stay in shape while you are away with the Perfit App on your smartphone or tablet.

Come for the Fitness - Stay for the Friends,

Neal Huston, General Manager

PS. Remember to take your workout on the go with the PerFit App! Download it today on the App Store.

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