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April is National Cancer Control Month

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April is National Cancer Control Month

Each April, researchers, oncologists, cancer patients and survivors come together to raise cancer awareness, discuss current progress and treatments. While we still seek to “cure” cancer, incremental advancements have been made. Today, two out of three people with cancer live at least five years beyond diagnosis. Comparatively, in the 1970s, only one out of two people lived to the five-year mark. In 2017, there will be an estimated 1,688,780 new cancer cases diagnosed and 600,920 cancer deaths in the US. There is both hope and much more work to be done.

During April, the focus becomes increasing the importance of screening and prevention of cancer. Despite significant cancer death, disease stabilization rates make a strong case for regular screenings and healthy lifestyle choices that may prevent or reduce your risk of cancer. April also offers a chance for families who are currently fighting cancer to find enormous resources and support at community and online events. And, very often, to build a support system with others whose lives have been also impacted by cancer.

Cancer research relies heavily upon federal funding. On December 13th, 2016, President Obama signed the 21st Century Cures Act into law. This bipartisan legislation will go toward bringing the medical breakthroughs we need to meet some of the biggest health challenges Americans face today. In addition to one day finding a cure for cancer, The Cures Act makes substantial investments in research and technology to find a cure for Alzheimer’s, decrease mental illness and the opioid epidemic that has seized our country.

To Screen or Not to Screen

“Screening” refers to the use of certain examinations or tests for people who are not showing any symptoms of cancer but are at high risk for developing certain types of cancer due to genetics, lifestyle, etc. Cancer screening has offered promise for several types of cancer. Early detection often results in higher cure rates.

Numerous factors determine who should undergo cancer screening. Not everyone needs to be regularly screened. Through years of research and cancer treatment, researchers have established risk factors for certain types of cancer. Risk factors vary for different types of cancer.

The two main types of risk factors are:

Genetic risk factors are inherited and unchangeable traits.

Non-genetic factors vary based on a person’s environment, which can likely be changed. Non-genetic factors include exercise, diet or exposure to outside substances. These are often referred to as environmental factors. Sometime non-genetic factors can play a role in the process of healthy cells turning cancerous. For example, the effects between smoking and lung cancer.

Other cancers are known to have a genetic predisposition but no known environmental correlation. A genetic predisposition means you may be at higher risk for a certain cancer if a family member has that type of cancer.

Types of Screening Available

There are different types of screening tests available to detect many types of cancer. Some are more invasive than others. A few examples of screening tests that have shown to reduce cancer deaths include:

Diagnostic imaging; CT scans or mammography
Blood tests
Surgical biopsy
Low-dose helical computed tomography (lung cancer screening)
Pap and HPV testing

Screening is designed to specifically screen for certain types of cancer for which your age, sex and lifestyle may put you at a higher risk to develop. Women at a high risk of developing breast cancer may be advised need to undergo frequent mammograms. Patients identified at a high risk for colon cancer will need to undergo colonoscopies.

Technology has allowed us to identify relationships between specific genetic mutations and some cancers. Hence, another type of screening test, predictive genetic testing is now available. We are continually learning more about genetic mutations and as we do so, the role of genetic testing will continue to grow. Currently, predictive genetic testing is helps determine if an individual has a genetic mutation that may predispose them to developing cancer. This test will reveal a genetic mutation, but does not guarantee a person will develop cancer, nor does absence of a mutation guarantee they will not. These tests only offer further insight into a person’s genetic risk for cancer.

Cancer Prevention 101

Research. √
Screening. √

You may be wondering what steps you can take to decrease the risk for cancer from affecting you. While there are no guarantees, (wouldn’t it be awesome if life came with just a few?) you can control your environment, lifestyle, diet and amount of activity. Sticking to a life full of more healthy decisions than not is a good place to start. Here’s a quick cancer-friendly lifestyle checklist.

1. Clean eating. Step away from the corndogs and fried Twinkies. (Okay, maybe just at the fair…) Try a diet full of garlic, beets, green tea, avocados, red grapes, dark green leafy greens and organic meat. Perhaps, not nearly as fun but so worth it.

2. Don’t smoke. Stop smoking. No smoking allowed.

3. Exercise. Hey guys – did you know how beneficial it is to keep your body moving and in good shape? You’re reading this as a member of PLF so you already know this. Yay you! This doesn’t mean you have to be a size 2 or have a 32” waist. Goodness, no! Just keep moving – away from cancer, hopefully!

In all seriousness, being active and strong does not make anyone immune from illness but it certainly helps when an unexpected battle has to begin. So yes, yay you!

4. Many experts suggest either a diet rich in Vitamin C or a quality supplement. Also, vitamin D – which is best found and absorbed by getting some natural sunlight. Five to ten minutes a day can do wonders for our bodies without harming our skin. African Americans need to work up to longer periods of time, a recommended 60 minutes per day, to maintain a healthy level of vitamin D. Many Americans unknowingly suffer from a vitamin D deficiency and would benefit from a quality supplement. As with anything, please discuss with your doctor before beginning a regime of supplements. 

5. Sleep more and stress less. Give your body and mind time to repair the damage from each day. Unplug, forget about work and get some sleep. Easier said than done but more important than ever. Sleep tight.  

Club News



Upcoming Events at PLF

From Our Aquatics Department

Group Swim Lessons:
March 27th-May 20th
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays Evenings 4:30, 5:00 & 5:30pm
Saturday Mornings 10:00, 10:35, & 11:05am
Levels 1-6 and Aqua Tots Available
Register online NOW at!
Summer Swim Lessons will run June 5th-July 28th
Any questions? Contact Tyler Zoubek at or call Tyler at 402-483-2322.

Summer Swim Team:
Starts May 30th
Monday-Friday 8-10am
More information to come in the Swim Team packets in April and stay tuned for a Parents Meeting date and time.
Any questions? Contact Tyler Zoubek at or call Tyler at 402-483-2322.

Friday Night Float’N Flick:
Need a date night? Bring your kids on April 28th from 6-9pm for our Friday Night Float’N Flick!  We will be watching “The Secret Life of Pets.” Enjoy games, snacks and pizza. Enjoy a date night out while your kids hang out with us!
Register online now!
$20 for the first child, $15 for the second and $13 for the third!
Any questions? Contact Tyler Zoubek at or call Tyler at 402-483-2322.

New Private Swim Lesson Bundle:
The Aquatics Department is now offering brand new packages for Private Swim Lessons! Pick which one will help your child become a better swimmer!

Beginner Package*        4 for $80
Intermediate Package    6 for $150
Advance Package          12 for $276

Each Lesson is 30 minutes one-on-one with an Instructor of your choice! Contact Tyler to setup your lessons today! Email at or Call at 402-483-2322

*Beginner packages are for first time purchase only

From Our Pilates Department:
Watch for Allegro 2 Pilates Reformer demos for April! Justin and Chelsea will be doing Demos, Thursday, April 6th from 10:00-11:00 AM. Anne will do demos from 1:15-2:15 Wednesday, April 12th. Also on April 12th, Deena will be conducting demos from 4:00-5:00 PM and 5:00-6:00 PM. Please sign up for Deena’s demos in the Lobby. If any of the times listed do not fit your schedule, contact Anne, Pilates Director, and we will work out a time and day that fits your needs! Contact Anne at or call Anne at 402-483-2322.

The Café Corner:
Starting April 3rd your café will be opening at 7am - 8pm Monday - Friday.

The café is making fantastic changes and bringing in lots of tasty new items on the menu as well as for those of you who need something on the go. Grab some protein enriched Cake Bites or try a Muscle Muffin with your Starbucks Frappuccino; we have lots of yummy items to share.

Our smoothie of the month in April will be "Peach Paradise" to help you get in the springtime mood. Swing by to check out our other new items and come sit and relax with us while you gear up for the rest of your day.

If you have questions or comments, contact Jessica at or call Jessica at 402-483-2322.

From Our Youth Activities Department:

Our annual Easter Eggstravaganza will take place on Saturday, April 8th at 10:00 am. We will meet over at the field across the street at Seacrest Park to hunt for eggs. After the hunt, come back to Prairie Life Fitness to cash in your eggs for prizes, we will also have crafts and pictures with the Easter Bunny. Cost of the event is Free! Sign up at the Front Desk! Contact Leyna with any questions at or call 402-483-2322.
Summer Day Camps 2017 is now open for registration. Prairie Life Fitness offers all day care 8am to 5pm, Monday-Friday! We swim daily, do arts and crafts and fun gym games with an afternoon snack(provided). Each week is themed to excite children in learning something new! Our day camps provide a balanced schedule that offers a variety of activities throughout the day.
Sign up today at, because space is limited! Contact Leyna with any questions at or call 402-483-2322.
Let Prairie Life Fitness take care of your child when school isn't in session. We offer 8am-5pm care in a fun and safe environment with lunch either brought from home or can be purchased from our café. Each day camp will have a specific theme, with activities, arts and crafts, etc. going along with the daily theme. We do make room to swim on our daily schedule along with time spent in our gymnasium. We do ask that all campers bring a swimming suit, a water bottle and wear tennis shoes, as we like to stay active throughout the day. Price for members is $35 per day. Guests will pay a guest fee of $6. We do provide before and after care for $5 per child. **Cancellation without notice will result in forfeiting full camp fees.** Contact Leyna with any questions at or call 402-483-2322.
Dates: Friday, April 14, 2017, Theme: Spring into Summer
            Monday, April 17, 2017, Theme: Sports Galore
Our April Kid's Night In will be Friday, April 14th from 5:30pm-9:00pm. We will be doing a glow in the dark egg hunt, hopping around in the bounce house, swimming, and eating pizza. The cost of this event is $20 for the first child, $10 for the second, and $5 for each additional. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Leyna Saville, Youth Activities Director, at **Registration deadline is always the Thursday before the event. If you register late on Friday, the late registration fee is $5.00, this will ensure that we have the appropriate amount of staff and food available.**
**Cancellation Policy: Those who cancel for whatever reason 24 hours prior to the event will NOT be charged. However if cancelling less than 24 hours before the event there will be a cancellation fee of half the amount due. If you do not cancel at all you will be charged the full amount due.*
Prairie Life Sugar Detox
Do you experience:

  • Inflammation and joint pain
  • Sugar or carb cravings
  • Energy spikes and dips throughout the day
  • Fatigue, lethargy, depression, or anxiety
  • Brain fog, cloudy thinking, trouble concentrating
  • Hunger that goes from mild to intense very quickly

If you answered "YES" to any of the above, it's time to join Olivia Borer for a nutritional reset with The PLF Sugar Detox!

The PLF Sugar Detox is a proven program that busts through sugar cravings and leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed! It is the perfect kickstart to any health journey. The program is based on a real food template, meaning there are no pills, bars, or special shakes to buy. What is allowed on the detox is tons of real, whole food (and there's no counting points or calories either!).

Here's what the three previous sugar detox groups had to say after the detox:

"I have more energy, less aches, and I am sleeping better too!"

“II'm not interested in sugar as much, and my cravings have lessened!"

Join Olivia for the FREE first meeting on Monday, March 27th at 6:30pm in Studio B to learn more about the program, discover if it's right for you, and sign up!

Now is your chance to jump on board, change your life, and set yourself up for success! It won't be easy, but I promise it will be worth it!

Dates: The detox runs from April 3rd - 23rd, with optional check-in and support meetings each week. Meetings are held at 6:15pm on Monday evenings in Studio B during the detox (April 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th). Meetings are not required, but are a great way to get more support and answers to your questions!

Cost: $69 - includes weekly support meetings, yes/no food lists, recipes, daily emails, helpful handouts, a group Facebook page, email and text support, and more!

Non-members are welcome to join the detox, but will be responsible for a guest pass fee for each meeting they attend (except the first meeting) in addition to the $69 detox fee.

Contact Olivia Borer at to sign up for the detox or to reserve your spot for the free initial informational meeting.

Now is the time to jump on board, as another detox may not be held for a few months! Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity! Sign up today and transform your relationship with sugar.
From Our Sports Department:
2nd Annual Spring Pickleball Doubles Tournament
When:  Saturday, April 22nd, 9:00am-6:00pm
Where:  Prairie Life Fitness/Lincoln (70th & A)
Tournament Director:  Linda Moore (402-304-8975)
Entry Deadline:  Wednesday, April 19
This will be an outdoor event unless bad weather, then it will go indoors.
All divisions will be round-robin format
Prizes for 1st, 2nd 
Entry Fee:  1st event $20/person
2nd event$10/person   
Lunch will be served at noon
Divisions (2 division max):
Advanced/4.5-5.0     Intermediate/3.5-4.0     Beginner/2.5-3.0
Men:  _____Advanced _____Intermediate _____Beginner
Women:_____Advanced _____Intermediate_____Beginner
Mixed: _____Advanced _____Intermediate _____Beginner
How to enter:  Call, text or email Linda Moore   
Cell phone:  402-304-8975
Payment will be at tournament check-in
April Wellness Seminar
Meal Prepping 101

If you have ever wanted to start meal planning and prepping as a way to eat healthier and stay on track towards your goals, but have been unsure of where to start, it's time to sign up for the April Meal Prepping Seminar! Join Olivia Borer - Holistic Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and avid meal prepper - for a wellness seminar all about getting started with meal prepping. The seminar will cover simple tips and tricks to make meal prepping simple, easy, and tasty too! It's the perfect way to kick off spring on a healthy note.

Pick which date and time works best for your schedule:

Thursday, April 20th - 6pm in Studio B
Saturday, April 22nd - 11am in the Personal Training Studio

Cost - $10

The seminar is open to members and non-members alike. Non-members will also be responsible for a guest fee in addition to the $10 seminar fee.

Sign up by contacting Olivia Borer at



Member Spotlight: Amy Barrett


Amy Barrett joined PLF in October 1993. She joined when she moved to Nebraska from Singapore because she wanted to meet friendly people who had kids, make new friends that she could get together to workout with to reach and maintain her fitness goals.

When asked how long it took her to reach her goals, Amy responded, “My fitness routines and finding friendly people at PLF kicked in immediately. I am very active and my personal goals change quite often. For example, on February 18, 2017 when I turned 56, I challenged myself and trainers at PLF to reach an ultimate fitness look and feel. Two months later I feel extremely strong and fit thanks to coaching, super focus programs and diet guidelines.”

PLF allows me to be in an environment where I can focus, workout with my friend, Lynne and others, as well as get help from friendly, competent staff to change up routines when necessary. PLF offers a full schedule of Pilates, Yoga, Circuit Classes, Spinning, aerobic cardio and very good weight and machine rooms making being in the best shape of my life fun and exciting every day.

I would recommend PLF to Family and Friends as well as anyone who wants to be healthy and strong with assistance of a Great club and strong helpful staff

Thanks PLF and all associates!

Amy Barrett

Thank you Amy, and congratulations on all of your hard work and effort! We will be here to help you reach your new goals!

Manager's Corner

Time to Blossom

Let the sunshine begin again! Although it has been a mild winter, warmer temperatures have a way of perking everyone up again. If you’ve been suffering from cabin fever, now is time to officially shake it off and start getting back into the swing of things.

Turns out, a dose of daily sunlight is not only good for our souls but also gives our bodies a much-needed dose of vitamin D. Did you know that just five minutes of sun a day can help our bodies maintain the level of vitamin D needed to fight cancer? This and other cancer screening, prevention and control tips are packed into this month’s newsletter. Check it out below.

The club is ready for a new season of fun and fitness!

Have you downloaded the PerFit App yet? Members love the convenience of taking PLF workouts on the go. Try it today!

Can’t wait to see you soon,

Luke Shepherd, General Manager

PS. Remember to take your workout on the go with the PerFit App! Download it today on the App Store.

Perfit exercise of the month

Conquer April showers with an indoor PerFit workout!

Click above to see a video of our exercise of the month and click below to download PerFit, available on iPhone!



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