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Top Ten Ways to Improve Men’s Health

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Top Ten Ways to Improve Men’s Health

Each June, not only do we celebrate Father’s Day, but we also take time to discuss the importance of Men’s Health Month. Nationally recognized, this awareness month highlights the health issues men face today and encourages men to seek medical help when needed. Spoiler alert - early detection and asking for help does not top the list of “strengths” for most men. Who knew?

The tendency not to seek help, higher smoking and drinking rates than women still lead to men having a shorter life expectancy. While the gap is shrinking, guys – you still have a little work to do!

Identify Your Weaknesses
In order to live a healthier life, one must evaluate and recognize where potential health risks lie. Below is the top ten men’s health issues facing men today.

Cardiovascular Disease
One out of every three men has a form of cardiovascular disease, according to the American Heart Association. It’s estimated 2.8 million men suffer from strokes each year. Hypertension is common in younger men. Routine check-ups help detect and monitor heart health.

The CDC reports that men experience higher rates of alcohol-related deaths and illnesses than women. Excessive alcohol consumption increases risks for liver, mouth, throat, colon and esophagus cancers. Testicular function and hormone production is also adversely affected.

Respiratory Disease
According to the American Lung Association, more men are diagnosed with lung cancer now than in past years. Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer but occupational hazards, such as asbestos exposure, contribute to this disease as well. Walk away from the smokes, isn’t it time?

Poor Mental Health & Suicide
Depression presents itself differently in men than women; often showing as signs of fatigue and irritability. And, as discussed above, due to men (in general), delaying treatment, their success rate of suicide is higher than that of their female counterparts. Women attempt suicide more often as a cry for help while men are more likely to ignore symptoms until they take this drastic and final step. If you suspect a man in your life is suffering from depression, encourage him to get help. If you suspect anyone is having suicidal thoughts, program the following National Suicide Prevention Hotline number into their phone.1-800-273-8255 Silence, theirs or yours, is not the answer.

Accidents and Injuries
One of the top leading causes of death for men, according to CDC statistics, are accidental injuries. Approximately 6 – 7% of male death occurs as a result of an accident, opposed to roughly 3.5% for women. It’d be so easy to insert a joke about men being more accident-prone than women right here but the reality is that many of these accidents happen on the job. Hard hats and the best regulations in the world can’t stop the unforeseeable from occurring. Safety first though - for both men and women who work in environments where injuries may occur. No job is worth your life.

Skin Cancer
We’ll be honest; this one surprised us a little. Flashing back to days of baby oil and bikinis, we might’ve thought that women were at higher risk for skin cancer than men. Turns out that men over fifty are at the highest risk of developing skin cancer. Two times more likely than women, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. The culprit? Fewer doctor’s visits (trend alert!) and more frequent sun exposure, perhaps gained on-the-job or during outdoor recreational activities. “Sunscreen? No, man, I’m good.” Arguably, not.

The lesson from this tale is that we now know better and can do better. So, as the famous ad says – Sunscreen, “Just do it.”

Risk of sexual impotence, lower testosterone levels, nerve and kidney damage, heart disease, stroke and vision problems... Diabetes is nothing to mess around with and not a disease to leave untreated. The complications of this disease far outweigh anything, anyone can manage on their own. Call your doctor immediately if you are suffering from increased hunger, urination, fatigue, dry mouth and itchy skin. These are the most common symptoms but many people go quite some time before connecting the dots. The sooner you get help doing so, the better off you will be.

The CDC indicates that new HIV infections are on the rise among bisexual, gay and men who have sex with other men. In 2009, 61% of new infections were found in same-sex activities and 69% were attributed to men, age thirteen to twenty-nine years. Safe sex always matters.

Pneumonia and Influenza
Many of the above men’s health issues, including cancer, AIDS, diabetes, and COPD compromise the immune system and leave men susceptible to influenza and pneumonia. The American Lung Association recommends yearly vaccinations, especially for men who are nearing the age of sixty-five or older.

Liver Disease
A lifetime of tobacco and alcohol abuse by men put them at risk for cirrhosis and alcoholic liver disease. If you think “lifetime” means you get the standard seventy to eighty-five years of boozing and smoking before liver disease strikes, think again. Cirrhosis of the liver can take the life of a twenty-eight or forty-eight year old man just as easily as one who is seventy-eight. It makes no particular sense of who it kills and why but make no mistake, it is deadly. Kill the smokes and drink in moderation. Doood, it’s time.

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Upcoming Events at PLF

From Our Aquatics Department:

Group Swim Lessons:
Next Session June 5th-July 28th

Mondays & Wednesdays Evenings 4:30, 5:00 & 5:30pm
Tuesday & Thursday Mornings 10:00, 10:35, & 11:05am
Levels 1-6 and Aqua Tots Available

Register Now Online at Any questions, contact Tyler Zoubek, Aquatic Director, at or call Tyler at 402-483-2322.

Summer Swim Team:
Starts May 30th

Kids ages 11-18 will practice from 8:00-9:00 AM, and ages 10 and under will practice from 9:00-10:00 AM, Monday – Friday

$130/member & $200/nonmember

Register at the front desk! Any questions, contact Tyler Zoubek, Aquatic Director, at or call Tyler at 402-483-2322.

Supervised children’s fun by the pool! Parents can drop off their kids and we will have fun games, inner tubes and food! Includes pizza and drinks and ROOT BEER FLOATS!!

June 16 from 6:00-9:00 PM

This event is for kids ages 8-16. 1st Child $15, $12 for additional children

Register Online at Any questions, contact Tyler Zoubek, Aquatic Director, at or call Tyler at 402-483-2322.

Teenagers night out by the pool! This party is teens only! No parents! Teens will get soda and pizza and have fun in the outdoor pools! Music and fun from teens 13 to 19! Inner tube races and just lounge by the pool! (Adult guards will supervise the party)

June 21 from 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

$15 per teen, register online at Any questions, contact Tyler Zoubek, Aquatic Director, at or call Tyler at 402-483-2322.

New Private Swim Lesson Bundle:
Beginner Package*: 4 for $80
Intermediate Package: 6 for $150
Advance Package: 12 for $276
Each Lesson is 30 minutes One-on-One with an Instructor of your choice! Contact Tyler to setup your lessons today! Email at or Call at 402-483-2322

*Beginner packages are for first time purchase only

From Our Youth Activities Department:
Movers and Swimmers
Movers and Swimmers is back for the summer, and we are so excited. The class meets on Mondays and Fridays from 9:30am-11:00am. We will spend 30 minutes doing organized gym activities designed to further develop locomotor skills, coordination and muscular development. The remainder of class is in the pool where children enjoy a recreational period of swimming with a certified lifeguard.  Please have your child's swimsuit on underneath his or her gym clothes. Gym shoes are required. Arm floaties or lifejackets are required for children who are not strong swimmers. Please label your floaties and lifejackets. Class will gather in the Youth Activity Center. This program is free for children on a membership, or $5 drop-in fee for a non-member. Registration is currently open for children 3 and older on our website. Go to Any questions, contact Leyna Saville, Youth Activities Director, at or call Leyna at 402-483-2322.
Summer Day Camps
Splash into Summer Day Camps at Prairie Life Fitness. From arts and crafts, daily trips to our swimming pool, fun gym games, along with our super sizzling themes that will keep your child entertained all day long! Our day camps run Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm. Our camps will run every week in June. Sign up today at or call Leyna Saville, Youth and Services Director at 402-483-2322. Space is limited.
Playful Penguins Kid's Club
Playful Penguins Kid's Club meets every Wednesday from 9:00 AM – 12 noon. We will focus on different activities to get the kiddos moving either in the gym, swimming pool, or in our gymnastics room. A snack will be provided. The cost for this is $15 for the first child, $12 for the second, and $10 for the third. Ages range is 1-5 years old. If you have any questions feel free to contact Leyna Saville, Youth Activities Director, at
Kid's Night In
June's Kid's Night In will be Friday, June 16th from 5:30pm-9:00pm. Our theme is Cool Summer. We will swim outside, throw water balloons, eat pizza, and enjoy sundae's from our sundae bar. The cost of this event is $20 for the first child, $10 for the second, and $5 for each additional. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Leyna Saville, Youth Activities Director, at **Registration deadline is always the Thursday before the event. If you register late on Friday, the late registration fee is $5.00, this will ensure that we have the appropriate amount of staff and food available.** **Cancellation Policy: Those who cancel for whatever reason 24 hours prior to the event will NOT be charged. However if cancelling less than 24 hours before the event there will be a cancellation fee of half the amount due. If you do not cancel at all you will be charged the full amount due.**
Stuffed Animal Sleepover
Come join Prairie Life Fitness for a special evening for you and your stuffed animal or doll. We'll have stories, crafts, bedtime snack with you and your pal before we tuck them in for the night. When you come back the next morning, you'll get to hear all about the adventures your pal had at Prairie Life while you were at home asleep. Friday: June 23rd, 5:30-6:30PM Saturday: June 24th, 9:00AM. Come back to Prairie Life Fitness to pick up your pal. We'll have a light breakfast, watch a slideshow of pictures from the sleepover, and make a picture frame for you and your pal. Cost of the event is $10 for the first child, and $5 for each additional. This is open to children of all ages. **Don't' forget to wear your pajamas** If you have any questions feel free to contact Leyna Saville, Youth Activities Director, at
Club Events:
Big Blast 2017
Come join us Friday, June 9th from 5:30-7:30 PM for our annual Big Blast Pool Party and help us kick off summer!! Everyone is invited for a fun evening of splashing around in our outdoor pools, sliding down the inflatable waterslide, dunking your favorite staff member in the dunk tank, getting a brain freeze with our delicious sno cones, and racing to the finish line in our inflatable obstacle course. We will be barbequing that evening for an additional cost. The rest of the event is FREE! You can sign up at the front desk today! We look forward to seeing you there! Questions? Contact Leyna at or call 402-483-2322.
From The PLF Café
Summer is here and the café has got you covered. Swing by and check out our new 14oz beverage mugs and the Grab-n-Go cooler that has fresh parfaits, hummus & eggs right at your fingertips. Our mugs are for you to take home and bring back any time to enjoy our poolside service and specials, buy one for $5 and get your first beverage free, this includes adult drinks! We have soda floats for the kiddos and will be having special promotions during the next few months so keep them handy and check our Facebook page for upcoming details and specials!
This year your café staff will be coming down to the pool area to sell snacks, ice cream, drinks and to take orders to make your visit to Prairie Life Fitness that much easier. We'll also be doing poolside grilling a few times a week!
Any questions? Contact Jessica our Café Director at or call Jessica at 402-483-2322.
From our Pilates Department:
Join us for a demo on any of our Pilates equipment; the Allegro 2 Reformers, the EXO Chairs, the Orbits, Rings, Jump board, the possibilities are endless! We will be offering demos in June on the following dates:
Monday, June 5th and 19th from 4:30-5:30 PM.
Monday, June 5th at 1:00 PM.
Wednesday, June 15th from 11:00 Am – Noon
Wednesday, June 28th from 4:00-5:00 PM and 5:00-6:00 PM

Just sign up by the display in the Lobby or contact Anne Lenz, Pilates Director at alenz@prairielife.con or call Anne at 402-483-2322 to get scheduled or set a different time than listed above!

From Our Sports Department:
Summer Tennis - Session I Youth Lessons
- Session runs May 30th - June 29th 
- Tuesday & Thursday am classes or Wednesday pm classes available
- Ages 4+, Levels 1, 2, & 3
- Registration Deadline:  May 23rd (Late registrations accepted if space available
- Contact Teri Boies at for more information
Teen Weights Clinic
- June 13th - 22nd, Tuesday & Thursday 11am - Noon
- Ages 12-16
- Instructed by PLF Certified Personal Trainer Justin Wittler
- Teens learn the basics of how to lift correctly, weight room etiquette, and how to set up a program to meet their individual goals
- $40/members & $65/guests of club
- Contact Teri Boies at for more information
Soccer Camp
- Entering 3rd - 5th Graders
- June 19th - 21st, 1:30-3:30pm
- $50/members & $75/guests of club
- Contact Teri Boies at for more information
Junior Golf Clinic at Crooked Creek
- June 26th - 29th (9am-Noon on 26th - 28th, & on 29th 8am-1pm)
- Clinic meets at Crooked Creek golf course and will be instructed by pros at the course
- Last day of clinic will conclude with swimming & pizza party at Prairie Life
- $130/members & $155/guest of club
-Contact Teri Boies at for more information
4 Person Golf Scramble Tournament at Crooked Creek
- June 24th, 8am shotgun start
- Fundraiser for local charity (in process of finalizing who this is, but depending upon when you complete newsletter I hope to have it ready by then)
- Registration Deadline:  Thursday, June 15th
- Contact Teri Boies at for more information
From Our Fitness Center:

Summer Wellness Challenges
Join Olivia Borer, Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer, for weekly health challenges this summer! Each week will feature a new topic and have five corresponding emails throughout the week complete with information, a challenge, and an action step for homework! There will also be one, 1-hour group meeting and seminar each week where Olivia will delve deeper into that week's particular topic! The dates and times for the meetings are yet to be determined. The topics that will be covered each week include:

Week 1 - Nutrition
In this week, we'll cover how to build a balanced plate, break down each of the three macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates), and discuss inflammatory foods and super foods!

Week 2 - Exercise
In this week, we'll discuss the importance of exercise and goal setting, the differences between cardio and strength training, and how to identify and correct common muscle imbalances.

Week 3 - Sleep
The one we all need! This week, we'll cover exactly how to get a restful night sleep and troubleshoot all the various ways that your sleep is disruptive to your health.

Week 4 - Mindfulness
Last but not least, in this final week, we will cover how to step back and live more in the moment through journaling, simple gratitude practices, breathing, and more. This is the week we may not want to do, but need the most!
With the challenges, you have the option to choose how many and which weeks you would like to participate in, along with which month works best for you. The pricing and start dates for each week are as follows:
1 week = $25
2 weeks = $50
3 weeks = $75
4 weeks = $90
Week 1 Start Dates: June 5 or July 3rd
Week 2 Start Dates: June 12th or July 10th
Week 3 Start Dates: June 19th or July 17th
Week 4 Start Dates: June 26th or July 24th

Have any questions answered and sign up today by contacting Olivia Borer at
June Wellness Seminar:

Deciphering Food Labels & Ingredient Lists
"Organic, all-natural, healthy, gluten-free, no added hormones, sugar-free…"

We see these words and phrases on food labels across the grocery store shelves, but what do they actually mean?

It's time to take control of your kitchen, and learn what is actually in the food you are buying! Join Olivia Borer, Holistic Health Coach, for a seminar all about reading and understanding nutrition facts labels and ingredient lists. Together, we will discover what ingredients to avoid, secret names of sugar and gluten, how to read and understand a nutrition facts label, what words to look for and avoid on a label, and so much more! Bring a pencil, invite a friend, and be ready to learn!

Seminar Dates and Times:
Thursday, June 22nd - 6:15pm or Tuesday, June 27th - 10am             Location: Studio B
Cost: $10/per person

Non-members are welcome and will be responsible for a guest fee in addition to the seminar fee.

Sign up by contacting Olivia Borer at, or by signing up at the front desk. 



Member Spotlight: Georgia Lee


Georgia Lee has been a member of PLF since December 2016. She had gotten tired of not feeling confident about the way she looked. She also did not want to go one more year feeling sick all of the time. Her oldest daughter was married last year and Georgia realized she wanted to live long enough to enjoy her grandchildren. Her mission was to change her lifestyle, lose 80 pounds and improve her physical shape.

Georgia is still working on these goals but has made remarkable progress losing 43 pounds so far! She is over half way to her goal. Georgia states, “I’ve been averaging 10 pounds/month.”

When asked what she likes best about being a member of PLF, Georgia stated, “The people! The members of PLF are very welcoming and nonjudgmental and the staff has been very personable. They recognize your hard work and they are a great support system. I am constantly recommending PLF to family and friends because of the awesome members and staff. Prairie Life has a lot of amenities as well. I can’t wait to enjoy the variety of pools this summer!

Congratulations Georgia! We are so happy for your success and will be here to support you as you continue to achieve your goals!

Manager's Corner

Happy Father’s Day, Dudes!

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18th and the perfect time to honor all the awesome dads who make Prairie Life Fitness an amazing place to work. We see you sneaking in early, over your lunch hour or right after work so you don’t miss time with your families. We love seeing you with your wives and kids in the club. The example you set for all of them by taking care of yourself and living a healthy lifestyle is something that deserves applause. {insert silent round of applause and cheers here!} Go, Dad, go!

Before you trot off on a victory lap, take a peek at the top ten men’s health issues in this month’s newsletter. You, super dad, are already ahead of the curve since you are reading this. However, exercise alone does not make you immune to every disease and risk factor. Seriously though, how awesome would that be? But, it doesn’t so read on and be honest with yourself. Are you at risk? 

Prairie Life Fitness Summer Camp, new class schedules, summer activities for kids and more... Our goal is to fill your summer with fitness and fun. Wait, that’s always our goal – how’s “fitness, fun and sun!” Who can argue with those summer goals?

Vacationing soon? Keep fitness at your fingertips with the PerFit App. Sign up today.

Keep Up the Great Work, Dads! 

Luke Shepherd, General Manager

PS. Remember to take your workout on the go with the PerFit App! Download it today on the App Store.

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Celebrate Father’s Day with a PerFit Workout!

Click above to see a video of our exercise of the month and click below to download PerFit, available on iPhone!



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