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Top Ten Ways to Improve Men’s Health

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Top Ten Ways to Improve Men’s Health

Each June, not only do we celebrate Father’s Day, but we also take time to discuss the importance of Men’s Health Month. Nationally recognized, this awareness month highlights the health issues men face today and encourages men to seek medical help when needed. Spoiler alert - early detection and asking for help does not top the list of “strengths” for most men. Who knew?

The tendency not to seek help, higher smoking and drinking rates than women still lead to men having a shorter life expectancy. While the gap is shrinking, guys – you still have a little work to do!

Identify Your Weaknesses
In order to live a healthier life, one must evaluate and recognize where potential health risks lie. Below is the top ten men’s health issues facing men today.

Cardiovascular Disease
One out of every three men has a form of cardiovascular disease, according to the American Heart Association. It’s estimated 2.8 million men suffer from strokes each year. Hypertension is common in younger men. Routine check-ups help detect and monitor heart health.

The CDC reports that men experience higher rates of alcohol-related deaths and illnesses than women. Excessive alcohol consumption increases risks for liver, mouth, throat, colon and esophagus cancers. Testicular function and hormone production is also adversely affected.

Respiratory Disease
According to the American Lung Association, more men are diagnosed with lung cancer now than in past years. Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer but occupational hazards, such as asbestos exposure, contribute to this disease as well. Walk away from the smokes, isn’t it time?

Poor Mental Health & Suicide
Depression presents itself differently in men than women; often showing as signs of fatigue and irritability. And, as discussed above, due to men (in general), delaying treatment, their success rate of suicide is higher than that of their female counterparts. Women attempt suicide more often as a cry for help while men are more likely to ignore symptoms until they take this drastic and final step. If you suspect a man in your life is suffering from depression, encourage him to get help. If you suspect anyone is having suicidal thoughts, program the following National Suicide Prevention Hotline number into their phone.1-800-273-8255 Silence, theirs or yours, is not the answer.

Accidents and Injuries
One of the top leading causes of death for men, according to CDC statistics, are accidental injuries. Approximately 6 – 7% of male death occurs as a result of an accident, opposed to roughly 3.5% for women. It’d be so easy to insert a joke about men being more accident-prone than women right here but the reality is that many of these accidents happen on the job. Hard hats and the best regulations in the world can’t stop the unforeseeable from occurring. Safety first though - for both men and women who work in environments where injuries may occur. No job is worth your life.

Skin Cancer
We’ll be honest; this one surprised us a little. Flashing back to days of baby oil and bikinis, we might’ve thought that women were at higher risk for skin cancer than men. Turns out that men over fifty are at the highest risk of developing skin cancer. Two times more likely than women, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. The culprit? Fewer doctor’s visits (trend alert!) and more frequent sun exposure, perhaps gained on-the-job or during outdoor recreational activities. “Sunscreen? No, man, I’m good.” Arguably, not.

The lesson from this tale is that we now know better and can do better. So, as the famous ad says – Sunscreen, “Just do it.”

Risk of sexual impotence, lower testosterone levels, nerve and kidney damage, heart disease, stroke and vision problems... Diabetes is nothing to mess around with and not a disease to leave untreated. The complications of this disease far outweigh anything, anyone can manage on their own. Call your doctor immediately if you are suffering from increased hunger, urination, fatigue, dry mouth and itchy skin. These are the most common symptoms but many people go quite some time before connecting the dots. The sooner you get help doing so, the better off you will be.

The CDC indicates that new HIV infections are on the rise among bisexual, gay and men who have sex with other men. In 2009, 61% of new infections were found in same-sex activities and 69% were attributed to men, age thirteen to twenty-nine years. Safe sex always matters.

Pneumonia and Influenza
Many of the above men’s health issues, including cancer, AIDS, diabetes, and COPD compromise the immune system and leave men susceptible to influenza and pneumonia. The American Lung Association recommends yearly vaccinations, especially for men who are nearing the age of sixty-five or older.

Liver Disease
A lifetime of tobacco and alcohol abuse by men put them at risk for cirrhosis and alcoholic liver disease. If you think “lifetime” means you get the standard seventy to eighty-five years of boozing and smoking before liver disease strikes, think again. Cirrhosis of the liver can take the life of a twenty-eight or forty-eight year old man just as easily as one who is seventy-eight. It makes no particular sense of who it kills and why but make no mistake, it is deadly. Kill the smokes and drink in moderation. Doood, it’s time.

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Tricia Knappenberger

"Tricia and I started training together in late September. She came to me with the goal of wanting to lose weight (even though she looked great) and tone her body overall.

"So far, Tricia has dropped over 7% body fat! She has gained so much strength and looks incredible. She works so hard and puts in the effort day in and day out. I'm excited to continue this fitness journey with her.

"Keep kicking butt Tricia! I'm so proud of you!"

–Jennifer Schroeder, Personal Trainer

Manager's Corner

Happy Father’s Day, Dudes!

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18th and the perfect time to honor all the awesome dads who make Prairie Life Fitness an amazing place to work. We see you sneaking in early, over your lunch hour or right after work so you don’t miss time with your families. We love seeing you with your wives and kids in the club. The example you set for all of them by taking care of yourself and living a healthy lifestyle is something that deserves applause. {insert silent round of applause and cheers here!} Go, Dad, go!

Before you trot off on a victory lap, take a peek at the top ten men’s health issues in this month’s newsletter. You, super dad, are already ahead of the curve since you are reading this. However, exercise alone does not make you immune to every disease and risk factor. Seriously though, how awesome would that be? But, it doesn’t so read on and be honest with yourself. Are you at risk? 

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Keep Up the Great Work, Dads! 

Neal Huston, General Manager

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