Donovan Manley, General Manager

Donovan comes to Prairie Life Fitness from a private fitness consulting practice. He's a proud husband, father, and grandfather; fitness and nutrition coach; and retired Infantry Officer and paratrooper. His military, manufacturing, and small business background combine to provide a wealth of leadership, business, and fitness experience. Donovan is excited to join the PLF Family and renew our focus on helping our members meet their health and fitness goals in a space that is welcoming for the whole family. Stop him and say hello next time you're in the club.



BS in Exercise Science and Minor in Personal Training from Tennessee State University. She is a former 4 year collegiate softball player. She specializes in sports specific speed, conditioning, and explosive strength training for middle school, high school, and collegiate athletes. Team training concentrations in softball, volleyball, lacrosse, basketball, and soccer. She has worked for the collegiate strength and conditioning programs at Tennessee State and Lipscomb University. She is currently training youth small group speed and strength, sports specific explosive based training, one-on-one training and group general fitness.


After becoming a stay-at-home mom to two amazing boys and struggling with an eating disorder in college, I knew I needed to take control of my health in a positive way.  I made some significant lifestyle changes and then found my passion in training and helping others in this way.  I understand the body issues a lot of us face so I work with my clients on making overall healthy lifestyle changes and focusing on strength, confidence and energy, instead of obsessing over calories and the number on the scale. *Specialties- General Fitness and Weight Loss, High-Intensity Strength and Conditioning, Mobility Training.


Parker has knowledge in strength training, muscle hypertrophy training, athletic training and high intensity interval training. He also knows how to help clients achieve their fat-loss goals. He usually works with beginner clients trying to build strength and increase cardiovascular health. He can help clients who have had injuries but still want to build strength and stay in shape.


Kurt has worked with a variety of clients, from youth to seniors. And his vast knowledge of running (he's completed 15 marathons & hundreds of various distance road races) makes him a great addition to the PLF team. *Specialties- General Strength and Conditioning, Functional Fitness, Training for Long Distance Runners


Beginning at age 6, Andrew started running races. The son of a lifelong runner, Andrew has been competing in athletic events ever since. He raced his first triathlon, the inaugural New York City Triathlon, in August of 2001 and started coaching runners and triathletes in 2005. Andrew focuses on injury prevention through improved muscle strength and balance for any event regardless of experience level or athletic history. He believes running is more natural than sitting and anyone who wants to run should be able to. With a proven record of injury prevention and injury recovery Andrew uses intelligent training plans tailored to the athlete that sharpens their strengths and improves their weaknesses. *Specialties- General Fitness and Weight Loss, Endurance Athlete Training, Injury Rehab and Prevention.  


Matt’s been passionate about health and fitness for some time, stemming from his personal experience playing college and semi-professional baseball. He motivates his clients by helping them set reasonable goals and holding them accountable. *Specialties- General Health and Wellness, Strength and Conditioning, Sport-Specific Training.


Marci believes that exercise and eating whole foods are the best way to improve overall health, strength, and mood. She helps clients to reach their goals while teaching proper form and offering motivation. She trains clients of all ages and fitness levels from age 20-86. *Specialties- General Fitness and Weight Loss, Functional Movement Training, High-Intensity Strength and Conditioning


Taylor is a knowledgeable and committed fitness professional dedicated to providing high level quality training to individuals of all fitness levels. Taylor has been involved in fitness his whole life and has a background competing in high school and college level athletics. With this experience, he has a vast knowledge in many different styles of training. Taylor’s goal is to use his training and experience to help people better their lives through fitness

KYLE SMITHSON, Registered Dietician

Kyle Smithson, MS, RD, LDN received his Masters in Exercise & Nutrition Science from Lipscomb University after facing some life-changing circumstances. “Just over 8 years ago my life was drastically changed. I had a stroke and was diagnosed with hypertension, dyslipidemia, and type 2 diabetes. This catastrophic event forced me to realize it was necessary to make a serious lifestyle change….” So if he says he know what you're going through, it's true! He's been there himself. Make your appointment with Kyle today!

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