April Skoda

Starting as a Group Fitness Instructor in 2004, April has been a part of the Prairie Life team for many years. With a former career in software development, account management and sales, as General Manager she hopes her love of fitness can inspire and help others succeed with their own personal health & wellness goals. On most days you’ll find April in the weight room or in the Group Fitness studio teaching a variety of her fun classes. Outside of the gym, April enjoys working with her husband on their construction & maintenance company. She also loves to spend time with her family which consists of four purrfect feline sons. Next time you’re in the club, please stop by for a free high-five!


Becke Grundman

Becke graduated in 2005 from the University of Nebraska Lincoln with her bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and has been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor ever since! She is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Becke has been training and teaching at Prairie Life since November 2006. She has had an array of clients and teaches many different classes giving her a wide range of knowledge and versatility. For her own fitness endeavors, she particularly enjoys road, trail, and adventure racing, as well as mountain biking! Contact Becke at or 402-475-3386.

Darren McCarty

Darren grew up in a small town in central Illinois. He moved to Lincoln to study athletic training at UNL in 1983. He studied under Boyd Epley, the godfather of collegiate strength and conditioning programming. Darren worked as a trainer/exercise specialist for more than 15 years at all the major gyms in Lincoln. He also ran a successful personal training business. He is a highly respected and sought after trainer. He has been a bodybuilder for over 20 years with great success in building/maintaining his own physique. His specialties are muscle strengthening & building, bodybuilding/physique competitions, and rehab for all ages. Although Darren specializes in coaching competitive bodybuilding/physique athletes, he would like people to know that anyone at any age or health condition can maintain or add muscle, but more importantly continue strengthening for the daily activities of life! He has worked with every type of age, ethnicity, gender, orientation, and health issue that you can imagine. His main belief as a trainer is that the word “personal” remains the main focus of what a personal trainer does. Darren is currently working on recertifying with ACE for which he has been affiliated with for over 8 years. He is going back to college to get his strength and conditioning coaching degree. Music and working out is Darren’s life. You might see him in the gym working out bopping his head to his music. He believes in “living life to its fullest” and that even though some people’s lives here on earth may not be the “quantity” they would like, that it’s important to make sure they all enjoy the “quality” of life while they are here. He loves conversing with people whether at the gym, a restaurant or over a cup of coffee.

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