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People at all ages need to be strong and fit to maximize quality of life. Older adults are no exception! For various reasons, members of this awesome group sometimes require modifications to exercises done in a typical group class. Unfortunately, it is common for someone to stop an exercise routine, or avoid strength training altogether because he/she couldn’t figure out how to do it without pain, swelling and soreness that lasted for days because the exercises or intensity of the workouts was "too much, too soon." This class is focused on finding the right exercises for you in a supportive and fun group setting. Workouts will be challenging without being too much. The goal is to gradually improve overall fitness with rewarding and safe workouts. All 45 minute classes will include: - Core exercises to prevent and improve back pain and allow you to move more safely - Stretching to improve range of motion in all joints - Weight bearing strength exercises to improve muscular strength and bone density - Cardiovascular exercise Class Times Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 am Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 10:00 am 6 week session starting the week of January 14th 2X/week - $168 3X/week - $252 Free Demo Classes Tuesday , January 15th 6:00 am Wednesday, January 16th 10:00 am Thursday, January 17th 6:00 am Friday, January 18th 10:00 am Saturday, January 19th 10:00 am To sign up for a demo or to learn more about the program, fill out and return a flier to the front desk, or contact Sam Randolph via email.

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4 Week Beginner Yoga Series - Starts January 26th!

Walking into a class can be intimidating and overwhelming and making a change isn't easy. All of the thoughts arise of, "Am I doing this right?" "Why don't I look like that person?" "Why did I come here?" "I don't know if I can really do this." Ease your mind by being surrounded and supported by others who are on the exact same journey as you! We will dive into building a deeper connection to yourself using the body as a tool for flexibility, strength, and self awareness. We will break down the basic postures of yoga, and learn how to use the breath with the movement. Christine Kramer is a 500hr RYT who did all of her training with Passion Yoga School in the jungles of Costa Rica. She is also an Integrative Women’s Health Coach who helps women create goals and support for their unique directed lifestyle and behaviors changes implemented by them. Space is limited (5 to 12 people only) to ensure some one-on-one focus. January 26th - February 16th Saturdays from 2-3PM 4 Sessions at $30 per session

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