Karla Leriger-Fitness Center Director, NSCA-CPT

Karla was born and raised in Nebraska. She went to college at the University of Nebraska Lincoln where she received her bachelor’s degree in Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Sciences. She is a certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT). Karla has over 7 years of experience in the fitness industry and has been the Fitness Director of three different Prairie Life locations over the past 5 ½ years. Karla has worked with many different populations but specializes in weight loss. She is also a Breast Cancer Survivor and has experience working with people who are undergoing treatments and surgeries for Cancer. Karla loves road races and has a lot of experience training individuals for their first race or people who are trying to improve their speed. Karla gets her clients results by being a motivator and by keeping her clients accountable. Her favorite quote is, “Your brain is the most powerful muscle in your body, Change your mind, and you will change your body!”

Sam Randolph, ACE-CPT, CF-L1

Sam has always been drawn to fitness. She has been involved in competitive CrossFit, dance, and endurance running. Sam believes that a diverse and well rounded fitness program is the best way to improve health and quality of life. There is no “best way” to get results. The key to an effective, individualized program lies in a person’s current strengths and weaknesses. Somebody who usually stays in the weight room may see great benefit from incorporating cardio work and stretching. A person who cannot perform a push up, or is concerned about developing Osteoporosis would see great benefit from weight training exercises. Sam loves working with people of all ages and fitness levels who share a desire to work hard and be better every day.

Maggie Grace, ACSM-CPT

Maggie has always been passionate about fitness and nutrition. Growing up in Nebraska she found fitness to be fun by being heavily involved in sports, taking her to the University of Nebraska at Kearney for track and field. While attending the University of Nebraska at Kearney she achieved her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science Fitness and Wellness. After college Maggie moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she became a certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM-CPT). While living in Arizona, Maggie pursued her Master’s degree in Public Health from Grand Canyon University. As a trainer, Maggie has worked with a wide range of clientele. Whether it is rehabilitation training or weight loss, Maggie finds her passion in personal training by educating the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. As a runner, Maggie has experience designing programs for individuals preparing for their first race or trying to improve their time. Prioritizing your health is Maggie’s goal for her clients, teaching them the value of living a quality life. Her ambition is to bring back the fire and excitement of living a healthy lifestyle with every client she meets. Being a strong, fun and passionate motivator helps Maggie’s clients find results.

Khari Reynolds, ACE-CPT

Khari is originally from Atlantic City, NJ, but has lived in Omaha since 2010. He was a member and varsity letter winner of the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers football team from 1996-'99. He eventually went on to graduate from Rowan University with a BA in Health & Exercise Science. Khari still has a passion for sports and athletics and it shows in his personal fitness and training styles. Although sports performance training and body composition transformations are what he specializes in, with over 15 years of experience as a trainer and coach, Khari definitely has the knowledge and ability to motivate you to any fitness goal.

Jacob Anderson, NSCA-CPT

Jacob was born and raised in Iowa before attending Central College in Pella, Iowa. Being a multi-sport athlete throughout middle and high school, Jacob always had a commitment to exercise and health promotion. At Central College he was able to expand his interests in health and exercise and received a Bachelor of the Sciences degree in Exercise Science while competing on the Central Men’s Golf Team. Jacob is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT). He has experience working with many different age groups ranging from teenagers to older adults during his work with Anytime Fitness and Corporate Wellness experience. He shares his commitment to health and exercise with all those around him. Jacob finds that obtaining desired results can be very satisfying but it is just as important to trust in the process and find enjoyment in the journey that leads to those results. He understands how health and exercise should be challenging but also fun and would love to help you toward your health and fitness goals. Besides exercising, Jacob can be found at the golf course, attending sporting events, or relaxing with friends and family.

Mindy Strasburg, ACSM-CPT

Mindy was born and raised in Sutton, NE. She found her passion for fitness in high school while being involved in volleyball and track and field. She attended Doane College where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in physical education and sports and fitness management. Her love of Personal Training and Crossfit developed when her and her husband moved to St. Louis for his schooling. Mindy is certified through American Council of Exercise and has worked with a wide range of clients. She enjoys being the motivator and loves celebrating successes with each of her clients when they hit a goal. It is always an honor being apart of a clients fitness journeys. Each one of them have a unique and special goal whether it is losing weight, getting back into shape, or coming to the gym for the first time. Outside of the gym, Mindy loves spending time with her husband, exploring the city, and hanging out with friends/family.

Cody Cooper, NASM-CPT

Cody was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Human Performance from Montana State University-Billings, while competing in four years of NCAA Division II Baseball. Cody is certified through the NASM-CPT. Through his experiences both on and off the field, he found his love for fitness, and the value for it in his own life. Cody embraces the value of finding a routine with a trainer, colleague, or team; and its ability to take athletes to the next level. He loves helping people find their niche in training, so that they can excel in whatever they may be training for. Cody enjoys focusing on backcountry fitness to aid in his passion for backpacking, fishing, and hunting the mountains of Montana. He has found how to use his leadership skills from the baseball field, and elsewhere, to help him motivate clients to reach, and exceed their fitness goals.

Sara Wallin, ACE-CPT

Sara was born in Houston, Texas, and raised just east of Council Bluffs, Iowa. Growing up Sara was very athletic, riding horses and playing sports such as basketball, track, cross country, and golf through her high school years. Sara became a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council of Exercise (ACE). Sara’s passion is to help motivate clients in their fitness journey wherever that takes them and to help them become better versions of themselves. Fitness is meant to be enjoyed! Exercise not only helps you physically but mentally as well. Let’s together be the best that we can be! You can find Sara around town enjoying community activities both outdoor and indoor with daughter Adilyn. Remember exercise is the best medicine!

Kris Lumm, ACE-CPT

Kristin has always led an active lifestyle growing up in Washington State, and fitness has been her greatest passion. She has been a Certified Group Fitness Instructor since 2005 through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA-GX ) and is a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE -CPT). She arrived in Omaha in 2009 when her family was stationed at Offutt AFB, and immediately went to work for Prairie Life Fitness as a personal trainer at the 84th Street location. She is also an inaugural member of the PLF Midtown Crossing team since it first opened later that year and has been their Director of Group Fitness for the last four years. She competed as a natural figure competitor for eight years, earning her Pro Card in 2013, which has given her a unique understanding of the discipline and hard work it takes to achieve one’s goals. Kristin is driven to help others on their fitness journey. Whether your goals are increased strength, improved flexibility, greater endurance, peak conditioning or just overall better health, Kristin will help lead you to achieve your fitness goals and will give you the personalized direction and accountability that you require in a personal trainer.

Joseph Cash, CF-L1 NASM-CPT

Having been involved in the fitness industry for many years, Joe has worked with a wide range of clientele as well as gaining experience in many different exercise styles. He has always been a very active person, being involved in a number of sport and martial arts. Then found interest in the fitness industry after working with Physical Therapists as a Technician for a number of years. He became a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, as well as a CrossFit Level 1 trainer. He is very passionate about helping his clients set and achieve their fitness goals, and is consistently working to broaden his skillset to provide a well-rounded experience. Joe is currently working towards a NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certificate. He has competed in endurance runs and CrossFit competitions, including being a sponsored athlete. In his free time he likes to go hiking, kayaking, and climbing.


Danielle Studnicka

Danielle has completed her education at Universal College of Healing arts. She is also in Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner program and will be finished in January 2019. She is licensed in Nebraska and is a member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. Danielle has worked in the healthcare industry for over 10 years and continues learning about how the body functions. She respects and believes in the body’s ability to rejuvenate and heal itself when in a state of relaxation. Danielle provides skillful massage and bodywork in a space where body, mind, and spirit can just breathe and be. This enables the body to replenish, to gain, and to maintain an optimal level of health and vitality. Treatments that Danielle provides are Swedish massage, deep tissue, cupping, prenatal massage, sports massage, hot stone massage, comfort touch, cancer massage, and Hellerwork Structural Integration. Hellerwork is a dynamic, three-part system of deep tissue bodywork, movement education, and dialogue designed to relieve stress and pain, improve posture and alignment, enhance movement and flexibility and increase energy. This unique combination is designed to produce permanent change for lasting good health and personal growth.

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